Apple and pear chocolate crumble Poulain

Poulain Chocolate Apple Pear Crumble


70g of flour

70g sugar

70g of butter

1 pinch of salt

70 gr Almond powder.

1 box of pears ½ fruits St Mamet

1 box of St Mamet apple slices

2 slabs of dark Poulain dessert chocolate


Chocolate sauce :

-140g of dark Poulain chocolate dessert

-200g of whole milk or coconut milk


The Crumble Dough

Put in the mixer with the hook in 1st speed the hard butter in small pieces, the sugar, the flour, the salt and the almond powder, stop before the mixture becomes a paste, it must remain sandy. You can also do it by hand.


Crush the drained pears with a fork, or use a food processor. Butter and flour an ovenproof dish, add the crushed pear, the well-drained apple slices and the remaining chocolate in small pieces. Cover with the crumble mixture.

Cook in a low oven at 165° for 40 to 50 minutes. Put on a rack when you come out of the oven. Serve warm with the chocolate sauce

Poulain Chocolate Sauce

Heat the milk, pour over the chocolate, wait 3 minutes and stir with a whisk

To make this recipe you will need :

Apple slices



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