St Mamet fruit
Apple mango St Mamet
Le Jus fruit Brut saint mamet

St Mamet innovates and launches its new range cold-pressed juices in France!

Juice Apple Mango Saint Mamet
Apple juice Saint Mamet
Juice Orange Strawberry Saint Mamet
HPF St Mamet

Unique taste quality, just like at home, thanks to our unique High Cold Pressure (HCP)* technology.

*Advanced technology for natural fruit preservation

What makes St Mamet juices so exceptional?

From raw fruit to bottle in just 4 steps!

Fruits St Mamet

We select quality fresh fruit picked at the peak of ripeness to guarantee even better taste.

France St Mamet

We press the fruit in our French factory 🇫🇷 using a technique that preserves all the nutritional qualities of the raw fruit.

HPF St Mamet

The juice is bottled using the High Pressure Cold process (HPF).

The fruit juice is bottled (without heat) and stabilized at a pressure of up to 6,000 bar (equivalent to the weight of 5 cars per cm²) and at a temperature of 10°C to eliminate all bacteria.

This way, the juice retains all its vitamins, natural fresh-squeezed taste and antioxidants!

The fruit pulp sinks naturally and forms a deposit at the bottom of the bottle: a sign of naturalness.

What makes St Mamet juices different?

HPF vs Pasteurization


Le Jus Brut
High Pressure Cold Juice

The (flash)

Did you know?

Flash pasteurization consists of heating a liquid to a high temperature of 85°C for several minutes to eliminate bacteria, thereby altering the vitamins, natural taste and antioxidants in fruit juices. Flavours and vitamins can then be added before bottling to compensate for the loss of these elements.

Discover our 5 recipes, all incredibly delicious!

Raw orange juice

A sumptuous, finely pulped orange juice with the taste of a freshly squeezed orange. It will become your breakfast ally! 

Its high vitamin C content helps boost your body's immune system.

Apple juice like you've never tasted before! The freshness of the fruit's flesh will delight you.

Thanks to the vitamin B2 naturally present in apples, Raw Apple Juice helps maintain your energy levels.

Apple juice Saint Mamet
Grapefruit juice

The perfect balance between the acidity and sweetness of pink grapefruit. 

Grapefruit's vitamin B9 content contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous and cellular systems.

This juice is surprisingly smooth and sweet! The gourmet combination of mango and apple will delight you. 

Naturally rich in beta carotene, mango is an antioxidant that helps prevent premature aging of our cells.

raw apple mango juice
Juice Apple Mango Saint Mamet
Juice Orange Strawberry Saint Mamet
Orange and strawberry juice

A subtle blend of fresh orange and strawberry that's sure to surprise you! 

The combination of these two fruits creates a synergy of vitamins and minerals with multiple benefits. 

Don't wait any longer & enjoy!

Our bottles are made from recycled and recyclable plastic. Sort them!


CUP Cocktail Coco

Get your fill of freshness and exoticism with our COCO Cocktail dishes!


Heart of Fruit Jam

Delicious, richly flavoured jams with over 60% fruit.

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